Failure to enact Constitution amendment Bill diasppoints Lemba Lemba

Former Mines Minister Kaunda Lemba Lemba has expressed disappointment at the failure by Parliament to enact the Constitution amendment Bill of 2010.

Mr. Lemba Lemba says it is unfortunate that the process that gobbled billions of Kwacha has failed to yield desired results at the end.

He explains that it is a betrayal to the Zambian citizenry for those entrusted to represent them in matters of importance to fail to live up to people’s aspirations.

The former Minister has charged that leaders should prioritize the interests of people who voted them into power adding that the failure is a lost opportunity for people to have a new Constitution.

On Tuesday the Constitution amendment failed to pass through to the second reading stage after Parliament failed to garner a two thirds majority requirement for the Bill to advance to the next stage./qfm

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