Constitution of Zambia Bill failed to pass second

The Constitution of Zambia Bill failed to pass second reading after Members of Parliament voted twice but failed to garner the two third’s majority for the Bill to pass.

And Vice President GEORGE KUNDA says the constitution of Zambia bill and Constitution of Zambia amendment bill can ONLY be brought back before parliament after six months.

Mr KUNDA says although failure to enact the two pieces of legislation by parliament has deprived the nation an opportunity to reform the governance system, government remains committed to the constitution review process.

The Vice President was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka.

Mr KUNDA said that inability by parliament to enact the constitution means that ZAMBIA has lost out on an opportunity to provide and enhance legal framework for the people of Zambia.

Mr. KUNDA said the opposition UPND wanted government to include the 50 percent plus one vote, hoping for a possibility of forming a coalition government with the MMD.

He said that the MMD realized that the 50 percent plus One vote for a presidential candidate was referred to the referendum and that the issue of forming a coalition government with the UPND could NOT be accommodated as it required further consultations between the two parties.

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