Interview with the Holstar!

In an interview with UKZAMBIANS, this is what the Hip Hop artist Holstar had to say about his upcoming album Champion Music.

By Charity Musa

1. What is the album all about?

The album is called “Champion Music” and it is all about being victorious whatever you do, whether its work, love or life.

2. Who inspired you to release the album?

I am inspired to release my album because of the younger guys that are doing Hip Hop in Zambia. Hip Hop has come a long way in Zambia and I am glad to see that a lot of young people are active in the game.

3. How many songs are on it?


4. Whom have you featured on your album (local artists)?

So Far have I featured Zone Fam, Ceeceefied, Young N9ne & Sepo. On the production side Jay Rox, DJ Peewee, Webstar, Teckzilla (Nigeria) , Ace & Trained Monkeys (South Africa.)

5. What do you think of the music industry in Zambia, how do you see it ten years from now?

I think the industry is finally taking shape, the production is elevated and the Artists are getting the love and respect they deserve. We still have a lot of challenges ahead…

6. How long have you been in this industry?

5 Years

7. Where are you touring when your album comes out?

Wherever there is a Zone Fam show, I’m there!

8. How many of your songs are being played on the local radio stations?

Right now I have two singles from “Champion Music” in rotation”…That is What She Said featuring Ceecefied and Black Man struggling featuring Mr. Rae.

9. What type of music do you sing?

Hip Hop

10. What do you think of the Zambian music, do you think it’s selling internationally? if not what advice would you give your fellow musicians?

We are not quite there yet but we are getting there…I would say we need to collaborate more with Artists across borders and overseas. Once we reel in fans from other countries using that method, we can conquer the rest of the world.

11. Who is your role model local and internationally, who inspired you to sing and why?

Locally my role models are whoever is innovative and bringing something new to the table. Internationally Nas, Damian Marley, Akon these are some of the acts that I look up to.

12. What is your comment on the Zambian Music Awards, do they inspire Zambian singers to do better or not?

I feel they are doing a good job but more can be done. In terms of sponsorship…I feel more corporate can come onboard and support the Zambian Entertainment industry as a whole and make it more lucrative to be a full time musician, which is not the case at the moment.

13. What is your message to your fans, what are they expecting from this album and when is the release date?

Lookout for my album, it’s called “Champion Music”, you can connect with me on – I have two single out “What She Said” featuring Ceeceefied and “Black Man Struggling’ featuring Mr. Rae, request for them on radio & I promise not to disappoint. Thank you for all the support…


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