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Zambian Politicians should address issue of sexual abuse

By Zumani Katasefa BEATIFUL Gate Zambia Executive Director Bill Kaping’a has challenged politicians in Zambia to seriously address the issue of sexual abuse in the country. Addressing the press at Kitwe’s providence guest house this morning Mr Kaping’a said there was a high level of … read more »

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Zambian Voices: Patricia Mbao

UKZAMBIANS: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? My name is Patricia Mbao, I am 30 years old and I come from the Eastern part of Zambia. I started my primary school in 1987 and completed my secondary school in 1998 at Chadiza … read more »

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U.K. shows, foreign students the door

British Home Secretary Theresa May could exert the fatal blow on foreign students by announcing the government’s idea of curtailing foreign visas by 100,000, annually. May will also announce several measures to counter the menace of fake colleges and could … read more »

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PVT isn’t criminal- Law Association of Zambia

THE Law Association of Zambia says it is not illegal to conduct the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) system in an election. Commenting on the PVT debate, which has been criminalised by President Rupiah Banda’s government, LAZ president Stephen Lungu said … read more »

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Zambia:B plus sovereign credit rating by Standard and Poor’s

Zambia has been given another B plus sovereign credit rating by Standard and Poor’s, a Rating Agency in the USA. The new rating is the second after FITCH; another Rating Agency gave Zambia a B plus rating about a month … read more »

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Úbubine: Ichishînka [Truth] Ili shiwi kuti twalibōmfya mukwebati: “Uyu muntu wā-bubine:” Ichilepilibula ati “Uyu muntu wa chishinka.” Bane tulĕba ábābubine, nangula ati “Bane tulĕbako no bubine: Bane tulĕbako ne chishinka, tulĕbako na buchishinka. Shall we please speak the truth. Úmushîkwa: … read more »

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