Gay and lesbianism is criminal under the laws of Zambia – Vice President

Vice President GEORGE KUNDA says Zambian laws do NOT allow the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism.

Mr KUNDA told Parliament on Friday that such acts are considered criminal, under the laws of Zambia.

Mr. KUNDA, who is also Justice Minister, says the practice is criminal and can attract a minimum jail sentence of 14 years.

He says government will NOT condone unnatural practices in the country as Zambia is a Christian nation.

The Vice President says Zambian laws are tailored by the Christian values the country practices.

Mr. KUNDA says it is therefore unfortunate that PF leader Michael Sata wants to champion these illegal practices.

The Vice President was responding to CHASEFU Member of Parliament, CHIFUMU BANDA, who wanted to know if the Zambian Law provides for the practice of homosexuality.

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9 responses to “Gay and lesbianism is criminal under the laws of Zambia – Vice President”

  1. MasterZed says:

    Lazybrooktom – No one on earth is prepared, interested or willing to exchange their values for some change. Think about it, will you do that? So grow up and stop being petty and silly. We, Zambians are adults and we are not going to be lectured to by small minded twats like you. You don’t even know your own history. Less than 50 years ago, it was illegal to practice these acts in the UK. What did you do about that? Are you saying that all your parents, grand parents and acestors were primitive for inacting those laws? Grow up. FUCK YOUR MONEY, FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lazybrooktom says:

      Then don’t be surprised when Gay Zambians take all the visas allocated to Zambia. And when you have to pay an extra tax to subsidize the Gay community when send remittances to Zambia.

      • Pandawe says:

        Wrong again lazybrooktom..there is ,and will never be a quota of visa ‘allocated to Zambia’. Visa will countinue to be allocated on a case to case basis. The majority of visa applications from Zambia are for bussiness,students,spouses and holiday makers…You are not going to find a queue of “gays” at the UK embassy in Zambia fleeing ‘persecution’.

        What you will get are failed asylum sekers and overstayers already in the UK turning convienietly “Gay” and applying for leave to remain on the basis that the will ‘percercuted’ if they are sent back home…Good luck to them!

        You remitances point is too silly for me to address.

        The way to change attitudes is by humility and good argument, not by making childish threats that are not enforceable anyway.

  2. Lazybrooktom says:

    I think that this statement should be further expanded. Does the JM of Zambia think that the Catholic Church supports jailing all Gays and Lesbians in Zambia? How about the Anglican Communion?

    I think the response of the West/Europe should be as follows

    1) Automatic entry to the EU/USA for any openly Gay Zambian. The number of visas for Zambia will not be increased. Gays will just go to the front of the line. Most likely, all of the visas will be taken by Gays/Lesbians.

    2) To pay for resettlement costs, a tax of 20% on remitances from the UK/EU/USA to Zambia.

    3) Seeing as Zambia isn’t serious about HIV/AIDS prevention (as they will criminalize all Gays, thus making prevention much less effective), I suggest that PEPFAR funds be removed and given to nations that ARE serious about HIV/AIDS prevention.

    4) The removal of tax deductability for “charity” in Zambia, unless that charity can be proven to not be directed to groups that advocate jailcamps for Gays and Lesbians or denial of human rights for Gays and Lesbians.

    If Zambia doesn’t like this, might I suggest you get the Chinese or Iran to pay for all of your welfare.

    And to those of you that think that this isn’t coming..just take a look at how the donor community is treating Malawi over this same issue.

    • Pandawe says:

      With respect to you Lazy brooktom , It is no bussiness of the ‘west’ to punish Zambia just because they don’t approve of how we choose to interpret our laws.

      Comments such as yours do not advance the cause of those that may want to see compassion and tolerance towards Gays.It plays into the myth of western societies imposing their ways and practices and then threatening us with sanctions when we resist.

      Zambians sodomy laws are actually a left over of colonial law,(the same law was ONLY repelled in UK in 1969!) though our politians sprout nonsense about it been rooted in our ‘christin nation’. I believe that Christianity also teaches us compassion for those whose actions we may not approve…love the sinner and hate the sin.

      Zambian society will evolve at its own pace, please don’t push to move at a pace at witch our people are not corfotable yet… In time I believe that most Zambiaians just like their counterparts in the west will learn ‘tolerate’ homosexuality.Just don’t push it down our throats!!

      • Lazybrooktom says:

        I can’t make Zambia behave properly. But I can instruct my government to stop making me subsidize it. If Zambia doesn’t like Western values, then it shouldn’t be surprised when the West refuses to fund nations who offend our values. There are many applicants for Western aid and visas. I don’t see it as punishment to advocate that our money and support help nations that behave. Its our money and our ecomony and Zambia doesn’t have a right to it.

        And please, don’t talk to me about Christian compassion when your JM thinks that the “Christian” Church wants jailcamps for those that disagree with them.

        There is a reason why there is exactly one nation in the entire world that has a decent standard of living (outside of the oil states) where homosexuality is illegal. Innovation and business creation requires the application of all peoples’ talents. Nations that demand that its’ citizens submit to ridiculous demands lose its’ most talented.

        By the way, that ONE nation is Singapore, where the law is on the books, but is not enforced.

        I wish Zambia well on its’ quest for justice. But I do not wish to pay for their hateful violations of basic human rights. If I were a Zambian, I would seriously consider the importance of relations with its’ donor community versus its’ desire to abuse gays.

        • Pandawe says:

          Let us get one thing clear…the zambian goverment does not have an active policy to persercute nor abuse ‘gays’ FACT.I have no reason to defend the goverment, but it is a BIG FAT lIE to suggest that the Zambian goverment have a ‘desire to abuse gays’.

          Let me educate you a little,’Gay rights’fanatics and the gay lobby may have a strong influece in shaping western societies and opinion …But in Zambia gay issues are of little significance, there is no ‘gay culture or community’.Although it is largely acknowleged that sodomy goes on in prisons and that there are MSM(who don’t neccesaraly view themselves as gay),these are a small minorty and they are largely ignored. There is hardly anyone in jail who has been convicted of violating this law,FACT.

          Pointing out that sodomy is unlaw under our laws does not make one a human right abuser!The JM is within his rights to inform the public what is written in our laws.

          To make a connection between homosexuality and Aid is a little naive..UK plc benefits hugely from the Aid and loans industry…As long as UK plc coutinues to leap huge benefits from the Aid industry ,it will countinue.

          In zambia, human rights regarding women and chidren, health,poverty and education are far more important. We don’t have the luxury to indulge ourselves with disscusions about the connections between homosexuality and national development…i will leave that to you!

          Before you scream Homophobia, study my first response carefully. I have worked in sexual heath promotion for gays in this country and iam syphathetic to their cause…but I also have a greater understanding of Zambian social and economic, political and cultural trends to know why a vast majority of Zambians find it objectinable to have homosexuality forced down on them.


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