National Movement for Progress (NMP) party not tribal or regional, says Ng’andu Magande.

By Chibaula Silwamba

In an interview with the POST newspaper yesterday, Magande, who is interim president of the newly formed National Movement for Progress (NMP) party, said members of the party were from all parts of the country.

“It’s obvious for me that I have worked for this country for many years and all Zambians without discrimination. I have never uttered tribal statements. Tribalism is not part of my vocabulary,” Magande said.

“So we will have support from everywhere in the country. I had been receiving calls from all parts of the country from people saying, ‘we want you Mr HIPC to get back into political office and help bring develop to this country’.” Magande, a former finance minister in late president Levy Mwanawasa’s administration, said he did not mind the tribe of any member and would-be members of the party.

He said the NMP started as a movement before transforming into a political party and, therefore, had supporters across the country.

Magande said it would be easy for the NMP to have its presence throughout Zambia because of the work he did when he served in various government portfolios.

Magande said he planned a lot of development projects like a coffee plantantion in Kateshi in Kasama and other projects in most provinces of the country when he served in the civil service./PostZambia

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2 responses to “National Movement for Progress (NMP) party not tribal or regional, says Ng’andu Magande.”

  1. edward nsama says:

    i want a branch here in kapiri mposhi district of central province of zambia to help youths of this country. lets stand up together for development. go mr. hipc

  2. starfford mubambe says:

    I am always there for NMP, A vibrant youth who wants to change the face of North Western province through the party.

    I love it all.

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