Zambia: Mulongoti warned


PARLIMENTARY Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga has said former MMD chairman for elections Mike Mulongoti should be the last person to talk about morality.

And MMD national chairman Michael Mabenga has threatened to sue Mr Mulongoti for defamation of character.


Former Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti



Mr Mwaanga said his comment on Mr Mulongoti’s suspension had nothing to do with morality but a political decision taken by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

Mr Mwaanga was reacting to Mr Mulongoti’s statement that he is always associated with illegality.

“I was not even there when the decision to fire Mr Mulongoti was made. I was in Uganda monitoring elections. I played no role in firing him but I supported this decision then as I do now,” he said.

Mr Mwaanga said Mr Mulongoti should stick to the debate on this issue and be civilised instead of hiding in the issue of morality.

“I am disappointed that Mr Mulongoti made it sound like I have something personal against him. If I want to be personal, I would have a lot more to say about the ministries where both he and I have worked,” he said.

And Mr Mabenga said he would not take the allegations levelled against him by Mr Mulongoti lightly.

“Mulongoti is living in a glass house and, therefore, he must not throw stones because a lot of wind will go into his house,” he said.

“I want him to tell the court what he knows about what he is saying. For his own information, a lot of people have paid me for talking about things they do not understand.

“He is destroying my name. He should ask Transparency International Zambia and the National Mirror who ended up paying me a lot of money for defaming me”.

“Maybe he (Mr Mulongoti) has amassed a lot of wealth and he wants to share it with me. He is welcome to join the queue,” he said.

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