ZAMBIA: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: Assistance in Acquisition of Land

By Chalwe Lombe

In the continuing efforts by the Government to ensure that members of the Diaspora community benefit from the acquisition of land in Zambia, interested parties are requested to provide the necessary information.

Therefore, in order to process the application for acquisition of land under the Diaspora Arrangement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires that an applicant completes and signs the attached form which should be submitted to the Zambian Embassy for onward transmission to the Ministry.

If you are interested in this project, please immediately complete and sign the attached form and send it back to the Embassy.

Chalwe Lombe
Embassy of Zambia Tel: +49302062940
Axel Springer Str. 54a Fax: +493020629419
10117 Berlin Cell: +49177575316

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One response to “ZAMBIA: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: Assistance in Acquisition of Land”

  1. TOM MULONDA says:

    Dear sir/madam
    thanks for the words of wisdom i have just ready, indeed you must be a strong man to win the battle.
    Iam a zambian citizen aged 22 and still single, looking for a job as a clerk in any department, i completed my grade 12 at mindolo high school in 2007, then i went to zambi school of biblical studies were i acquired an associate degree in theology and psychology. currently iam doing accountancy with ZICA(SELF STUDIES)
    I will be very glady if my application will be considered.

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