Adedo-Zamucan Political Party President a 17 Points Agenda to the Dutch Govt – Photos

Adedo-Zamucano President Hon. Brown Kapika Representing Adedo-Zamucano 17 Points Agenda (www.adedo-zamucano) to Mr. K.H.D.M. Dijkhoff a Member of the House of Representative of the State General for Dutch Government  at the Dutch House of Parliament on 13/01/2011.

Adedo-Zamucano Government 17 Points Agenda

1.    Health Care
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall build up hundreds of Hospitals and Clinics throughout Rural and Urban Areas. Medicine – Drugs, Hospitals and Clinics shall be Free of Charge to every Zambian Citizen. No Medical Treatments Abroad for Government Leaders. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall improve Salaries, Conditions and Allowances to all Medical Professionals throughout the Nation.

2.    Educational and Skills Development
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall introduce Free Education System (FES) from Primary to University Education to every Zambian Citizen. Build-up more Government Educational Institutions from Primary to University levels in both Rural and Urban Regions. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall Create and introduce Governement and International Busaries / Scholarships abroad open to every Zambian Citizen willing to study abroad. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall re-introduce the Old Education System from Grade 1 to 7, Form 1 to 6, and therefore, Form 6 will be Compulsory throughout all Secondary Schools. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall give equal Opportunities to all Zambian Childern access to Education. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall improve Salaries, Conditions and Allowances to Educational Professional Workers throughout the Nation.

3.    Infrastructure
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall immediately, and automatically work on Urgent infrastructure including. Development and Implementation of Public Private Partnership Policy, Public Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Development Building, Road Infrastructure Development, Airport Infrastructure Development, Rail Infrastructure Development, Water Transport Infrastructure Development, Infrastructure Planning and Monitoring, and Information Management System.

4.    Agricultural Industry
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall import into Zambia thousands of different Modern Agricultural Machineries and Equipment from Western Europe (Germany & Netherlands), Japan, China to support the Agricultural Sector. This shall be intended to Cut-down Urgent National Unemployment (UNU) level. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall put forward Millions of Funds in order to Grant more Subsidies, and Long-Term Loans (LTL) to Farmers throughout the Nation. Adedo-Zamucano Goverenment shall Adopt Dutch Agricultural System to overcome National Poverty.

5.    Mining Industry
Adedo-Zamucano Government will Nationalise Other Mining Industries to open Urgently needed Employment to Zambian Citizens. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall import Heavy Duty Machineries / Equipment for processing Minerals and Low Materials to finished Products.

6.    Natural Resources
Adedo-Zamucano Government. shall implement strict Rules to Protect Natural Resources from being Wasted. Adedo-Zamucano Government will make sure that Illegal Exportation of Natural Resources from Zambia is being Blocked, and Zambian Citizens shall be Annually informed through the Press over National Income from Natural Resources. This shall be intended to remind Zambian Citizens to be more aware about their Funds from their Natural Resources.

7.    Land
Adedo-Zamucano Government will implement the most Supreme Land Reform (Land Sharing System Database – LSSD) to Zambian Citizens, whereby Women and Men will have equal access to Land. Adedo-Zamucano Government will implement a Policy to restrict the Land Sharing only for Zambian Citizens.

8.    Energy
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall Cut-down by 50% Electricity Cost throughout the Nation. Adedo-Zamucano Government will re-introduce the Old System of Paying / Settling Electricity Bills and immediately it will Suspend the System of Buying Electricity, to improve Household Budgets.

9.    Employment and Labour
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall Expand and Create more Government Sectors, with intention to fix in more Activities and Productivities to Promote more Jobs, and a bigger Labour Force.

10. Youth and Child Development
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall invest more Funds and Modern Equipment in all sorts of National Sports, Introduce ICT Training to improve Skills, Invent Full and Part-time Jobs through Government. Agencies. This shall Cut-down the Number of Youths and Children living in the Street by 98% .

11. Commerce and Trade
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall implement a policy to Cancel Customs and Excise Duties on Import of Machineries and Equipment for the Agricultural, Mining and Industry Sector etc. This shall Cut-down Unemployment level throughout the Nation.

12. Social Protection
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall introduce Social Security Benefits (Monthly Income) for Old People over 65 Years of age, and it will build up Home Care Hostels for them (Old People’s Homes). Adedo-Zamucano Government shall Create a Government Database System, which will be Registering some Seriously ill HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Patients to be receiving Food Ration and Other supporting Materials from the Adedo-Zamucano Government. Adedo-Zamucano Government will build up Hundreds of Orphan Homes within all Provinces, and it will be Adedo-Zamucano Government Responsibility and Duty to take Care of Them (Orphan Children) soon after Adoption. Adedo-Zamucano Government will introduce some Certain Monthly Income to Every Household with Unemployed Parents or Carers (this shall be applied to Zambian Citizens only). Adedo-Zamucano Government will implement and improve Pension Reforms to all Civil Servants,and keeping on Observing NGO’s Managements over this Activities.

13. Tourism Industry
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall implement a Strong System and Accountability over National Tourism Industry Income, and these Financial Figures from National Tourism Income shall be published annually in Zambian Newspapers. This shall result in openly informing all Zambia Citizens over Tourism Funds. Our Nation will be gaining or earning even after one year. Through this Activity Adedo-Zamucano Government shall Educate every Zambian Citizen to become aware about their National Incomes on Tourism Industry.

14. Jurisdiction
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall Reform the Judicial System of Zambia, and it will maintain that No Person including the President in Office shall be above the Law of Zambia. The President in Office shall not be immune from Prosecution. Rules and Laws of Zambia shall apply equally to every human being residing in Zambia.

15. Local Government and Decentralisation
Adedo-Zamucano Government will improve Salaries, Allowances and Conditions to Professional Health, Administration and Engineering workers within the Local Government. This shall be intended to prevent them leaving Our Nation to Other Nations. Adedo-Zamucano Government will give instructions on Conditions to all Urban and Rural Councils with immedate effect to re-start building Houses, Offices and Industry Structures within their respective Districts to promote Building Investments and a bigger labour Force within their Local Councils as before, 20 years ago.

16. Zambia Defence Force (ZDF)
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall implement a policy to improve the Zambia Defence Force (ZDF): the Zambia Army (Army), Zambia Air Force (ZAF) and the Zambia National Services (ZNS) so that, they can be involved in Exchange Programmes Abroad (EPA) to learn more important skills including, Data Military Technology, ICT, Agricultural Technology and Engineering, Bio-Agricultural and Animal Husbandry etc., to promote future development to the Zambia Economy. Adedo-Zamucano Government shall Improve Salaries, Conditions and Allowances for ZDF Personnel.

17. Ministry of Home Affairs
Adedo-Zamucano Government shall improve living Conditions for Zambia Police (ZP), and Prison Personnel: We shall Renovate All Police and Prison Camps throughout the Country, Build more Houses for Police and Prison Personnel, Improve water and Sanitation within Camps, Build more Camps, Automatically to increase Police and Prison Personnel Salaries, Conditions and Allowances, To buy more Vehicles and Trucks for Police and Prisons, Introduce ICT Network between Police Stations, Judicial Department and Prison Centres, which will result in a reduction of Congestion in Prisons.

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108 responses to “Adedo-Zamucan Political Party President a 17 Points Agenda to the Dutch Govt – Photos”

  1. Robert says:

    abakali bakali viva ba adedo zamucano, keep it up guys

  2. Doris says:

    what a supper mission and manifesto, we need such serious political parties which put people first, adedo zamucano we are waiting here to vote for you, please be strong and may god bless that man mr. kapika

  3. Ant Marie says:

    monsieur adedo zamucano,, je suis une parisienne je reste en france,
    je vien a peine de lire vos suis presque folle tu reussi a convaincre les noires de ton pays je viendrais y rester pour 5 ans car avec toi tout peut changer a suis derriere toi et je demanderai aux zambiens de voter pour la carte rouge qui est votre symbole..tu merite monsieur..nous sommes derriere toi en priere..Marie Antoinette..

  4. Mwandilajoyce says:

    the great days must now numbered by zambia criminals, we need to make sure that this corrupted leaders are chained zambian prison, i feel very painful after i lost my wife and childeren becuse i could not afford to pay hospital fees for my people, this leaders shoul face it, please people let vote for adedo zamucano to discpline this people

  5. Mwandilajoyce says:

    the great days must now numbered by zambia criminals, we need to make sure that this corrupted leaders are chained zambian prison, i feel very painful after i lost my wife and childeren becuse i could not afford to pay hospital fees for my people, this leaders shoul face it, please people let vote for adedo zamucano to discpline this people

  6. Balibuno babson says:

    it’s very nice your party zamucan. my nam is balibuno babson im congolaise man. i like your party.
    thank you.

  7. Chris says:

    yes we shall overcome, the time is coming

  8. Oliver says:

    Ba kapika keep up and up, we really likes you ideas

  9. Big Steve says:

    viva adedo zamucano! VIVA powerful leader and real People, We need Leaders with Wisdom, let Vote for Zamucano, long live

  10. Dickson says:

    Great Manifesto ba hon. kapika

  11. GM says:

    this year we have to save this thugs with the Red Card ! with the Red Card ! Ba Adedo Zamucano Bakali

  12. Happy_musonda says:

    Ba Kapika, you are doing a very great job, please we are praying for you day and night to kick this satanics from power, the money lovers, happyzmbia

  13. AKK says:

    Our hope is comming now …. let give the chance to Adedo – Zamucano, it sounds to be the Manifesto of the People to the People by the People, Viva Adedo – Zamucano, we are all behind you here in China,

  14. Charly says:

    What a Supper Manifesto ? We needs Hope in it, long live and long come adedo zamucano…

  15. Gideon_mwenya says:


  16. E10 says:

    ba Adedo Zamucano, we now have a little hope, please give Us mor hope, we shall stand behind you, let Us pray to Our almighty GOD to build Up this Party, and let Us Pray for Mr. Kapika for more strengthen..

  17. Celina says:


  18. CM says:

    we needs a honest government, it seem this new party the can solve our national problems including corruption, ba adedo zamucano we are behind you

  19. Derrick-ngoma says:

    great manifesto, i am appealing to my fellow zambians to throw their weights this to support and vote for adedo zamucano …..

  20. Joyce says:

    Ba Adedo fipolopolo, a great new for development towards our nation

  21. Robert says:

    Viva Great Adedo Zamucano Political Party, We Are Behind You Guys Here In Toronto

  22. CMM says:

    really a strong manifesto it can fit way to our country, to make it real good zambian citizen we have to vote for mr. adedo zamucan ….. wishing the best for this party

  23. Jane says:


  24. KC says:

    what a great manifesto, i went through this last evening and found alot of mature and senses in it, people of zambia can we come to together and vote for adedo zamucano political party, cdm. kapika keep it up

  25. J2O says:

    There is nothing special about this party.
    +What background does this character have.
    +What has he achieved in life? Why is he called COMRADE?
    +Does he want to take Zambia back to socialism?

    +Is he not just after donor funds? Sadly Scandanavian countries are giving money to political parties – which probably is not put to good use – goes in the pockets.

    We should learn to question ANYONE who wants to assume public office.

  26. J2O says:

    There is nothing special about this party.
    +What background does this character have.
    +What has he achieved in life? Why is he called COMRADE?
    +Does he want to take Zambia back to socialism?

    +Is he not just after donor funds? Sadly Scandanavian countries are giving money to political parties – which probably is not put to good use – goes in the pockets.

    We should learn to question ANYONE who wants to assume public office.

    • Bensonmwapa says:

      J20 may a calling you a thug you need to back to chinama mental hospital in Ndola for your brain damage treatments, the doctor the have to review you Sense other wise one day who come out … you do some morev worse you yourself, leave the people of zambia to support and decide whic party the have to belong to, i myself i belongs to adeo zamucano, it is the party where we can find hope, if you a thug J20 or mad man you can go and support parties for foreigners k9

    • Inonga says:

      j20 stop talking rubishes, are you a truly zambia or do love zambia, youngman you have to know what you are talking about

    • Freddy says:

      ba J20 arev we no becaming mad, do belong to a group of thugs runging the govt. think twice, if you have nothing to do just remains quite

  27. JM says:

    This year Power to Adedo and Power to the People of Zambia, in Adedo Zaumcano we Trust

  28. big peter says:


  29. Tom Tom says:

    we thanks god to provide us the way out from povert, we are tied of suffering, thugs zambian leaders are distroying lifes of our innocent people because of selfishness lines, the are all thiefs, please let us give chance to cast our votes on a red card the adedo zamucano movement, i also salute the founder of this party mr. brown kapika, we are behinds you

  30. Chisuka says:

    great men adedo zamucano, yes this is a strong manifesto, now it is our time

  31. Mwamba says:

    mr. truly zambian or fake mr. fake zambian, which country do comes from, you talks as if you comes from the forest, or a person is has been lucking five sense in the brian, please shut your month if you belongs ti this thugs who are ruling zambia, dont you no that this are criminal, we supporters of adedo zamucano we do have all rights to express our happiness, we need the govt. of adedo in zambia, we shall keep on and on supporting this normal political, all your pinions are worsen than wrong, viva adedo zamucano, yes we can

  32. Bwalya says:


  33. MCC says:

    please we are praying day and night to come out from this satanic governemt, through this new political party adedo zamucano we can see hope and future for zambian citizens,

  34. Miselo says:


  35. CMC says:

    kapika you are a great man, a freedom fighter, a truly man of wisdom, yes we know that it takes time to have a leader like you, you are the only person who bring our nation in order and discipline, the nation has runs out from discipline everything is being controlled by champions of corruption, please we need a leader of people, we wish adedo zamucano the best, and we are behind you, charles/canada

  36. Ba D says:

    mr. fake zambia or truly zambia, you talks has if you comes from the forest, do you think well, are you normal, maybe you comes from family of theifs who are sobotaging our nation, why are you protecting this thugs, criminal, you know some of us we have lost our beloved ones, we have lost jobs, we have lost relationships, and we lost every thing, now this joung man mr. kapika want to bring our hopes to live into a better zambia, yes we are very happy, let support adedo now, mr. fake zambian

  37. Truly Zambian says:

    surely this is a joke? out of 67 comments, there are only 3 of us who are questioning this “manifesto”???
    you’re all just eating up this miscellaneous document which has no substance! you don’t know the background of this man even!
    the US described our brothers & sisters to the south as “the famously passive Shona”, i wonder what they think of us! Zambians have quietly let Chiluba walk off with millions and while his co-conspirators in the UK have been found guilty of money-laundering, ku Zambia we turn the other way and say he has no case to answer – despite the London court saying he should be charged!
    mmm, i think if things don’t work out for me, i’ll return to Zambia to live like a king… i’ll first copy & paste the party manifesto of the Democrats or the Republicans… i could probably even just type the ingredients from a tomato sauce bottle and title it “Candidacy Requirements And Policies” (C.R.A.P)
    Zambians will greet me with a red carpet, wailing and offering their daughters in marriage.

  38. Martine says:

    ba adedo zamucano we are waiting to help you for the field work, chipata

  39. Judyy says:


  40. CC says:

    what have we done ? why are we suffering like this in zambia? please adedo zamucano come forwards and solve out this government, we need change, viva ba kapika

  41. Charity says:

    th rotten and bad governance, and corruption illness of our nation sahll be all time remembered through our children and grand children, the is something to come and pay back by this criminals of zambia, this criminal one day it will come for them and all this guys the face heavy panishme by the laws immedately great people like mr. kapika takes the control, the pain shall never be stop, i lost my all family here in zambia, we couldn’t effort hospital fees, we couldn’t medicine drugs, no jobs, no food, hunger hunger …adedo zamucano we are calling for your help from this fools

  42. Baby S says:

    viva adedo zamucano and viva the people of zambia to have better life, our votes are for zamucano, mr. kapika keep it up

  43. Dickson says:

    like trudy it must be an earth quake operation campiagn to kick out this satanic form powers, adedo keep it up

  44. Trudy says:

    abakali bakali, abantu abantu, we are bahind you President Kapika, our campiagn must be earth quake operation (eqo), we have kick this thugs from governent offices and locked them to jails, their time and life it will spend in jails, the will be turned into jail birds, no more out, our families in zambians heve been dying like dogs, so as the times turns we shall see you is a fool, long live adedo zamucano, long live kapika

  45. CD says:

    Great Manifesto, We belive in it, we need changes, we need Adedo Govt. please guys keep it up

  46. Ire says:

    we are waiting for adedo zamucano to liberate us zambians

  47. Pandawe (non-partisan) says:

    The level of ‘debate’ displayed in comments on this matter is truly depressing. Where is the serious analysis of this ‘manifesto’. Are we Zambians so traumatised by the harshness of our economic realities that we have been reduced to a nation of mposa mabwes (stone throwers) , eagerly accepting whatever we are told without any critical thinking? Can I appeal to serious thinkers such Dr kaela Mulenga to comment on this ‘manifesto’.

    • Truly Zambian says:

      i’m with you, friend. however, it doesn’t require Dr Kaela Mulenga to comment. there should be enough common sense in the general populace to ask what should be the first questions that spring to mind and that is about the substance of this “manifesto”.
      just as an example, Point 17 ati “…increase police & prison personnel salaries… buy more vehicles, build more houses…” but no mention of where the funding for this will come from! maybe he intends to divert funds from donors that are intended for something else! or is he some secret billionaire who is going to give all his money to the betterment of Zambia?
      there is no debate in these comments, just sheep.

      • pandawe says:

        Thank you friend…My desire to see Dr Mulenga comment comes from a yearning to see someone with a sharp economic mind and collum space on this forum dirsect this ‘manifesto’.

  48. Mama Queen says:

    Viva Adedo Zamucano, WE ARE BEHIND YOU,

  49. Justine_zimba says:

    Yes Free Health Care, Free Education , Social Security is Possible in Zambia because we earns Millions of Dollars Per Every Year which can Support this Projects. But Corruption and Theft form Our Govt. Leaders ……. Please I am requesting Normal Fellow Zambia to Vote for Adedo Zamucano this year. Justine USA

  50. Enoch says:

    the true leader of zambia is comming now, a man of love, a man of people, viva kapika brown, viva adedo zamucano…… a great manifesto

  51. Vincent says:

    this man mr. kapika is like moses in the bible, moses was send by god to go to eygpt to liberate the isreal for slavery, this applies the same adedo zamucano leader has been send through god power to came and liberate us from miserable, and satanic leaders of zambia, please god give strength and power to this man, and people surrounding him to acheive the goals. we are bahind adedo zamucano, please us support now..

  52. Derrick says:

    here in canada we have thrown our weight heind adedo zamucano, we need a strong transparent government in zambia, i know mr. kapika very well, is a man of wisdom, as been a man of vision for every zambian, he a leader, and he can the country into a honest and perfect way, he has sympathy for the people, and he needs zambia govt. to respect the rules of laws, this man hates corruption, we have lost alots of million dollars from international donors countries including the netherlands, norway, sweden, denmerk just only last year, please if the netherlands government can help to build up adedo zamucano all zambian people we can appreciate for you work, in this way you can save the death rate in zambia, inthis way the dutch you can hunger and povert to the people of zambia, please we need help ……mumba

  53. Chansa_davy says:

    we are behind you sir, we salute for adedo zamucano to give better life to the people of zambia, we are human being too, we needs hope and future for every zambian, please god help adedo to liberate us from satanic criminal govt. without putimg support to adedo zamucano here in zambia no hope of living, criminal leaders have taken advantages because of a very corrupted and weak judicial system, please GOD help mr. kapika to transform our national a better place to live, viva adedo zamucano politicial party………

  54. big 10 says:

    this is a great test for zambia, abantu bantu, ba adedo bantu, born a lion always remains a lion, we salute for you adedo zamucano chief kapika

  55. Ivo says:

    Wonderfully and Great Manifesto, this is really Adedo Zamucano must be a great Party, please help Us ?????

  56. Lucky says:

    Great Mr. Brown Kapika, we are behind you support, keep it up until the times come, Viva Adedo

  57. Big Ben says:

    some zambia like my fellow friend ”alas Truly Zambia” , fellow people like the one i ve mentioned he must be very rubish and stupid head, he must go back to school instead of passing silly comment he can not chellenge, my brother alas Truly Zambian i am advising you to go back to grade one and lean our to think, some of us we have lost all our relatives in zambia because of corruption, we need and we shall vote for adedo zamucano, benson

    • Truly Zambian says:

      have you been to school?? that is the most disgraceful example of illiteracy i’ve seen.
      “some of us we have lost all our relatives in zambia because of corruption…” what the hell does that have to do with anything? how is your caped crusader here going to do anything different?
      you’re getting excited just because someone bamboozles you withthis airy-fairy “manifesto” but there’s no detail there about how he plans to fund all this, who he is partnering with etc.
      don’t be such a simpleton. you know NOTHING about this man and you’re there proclaiming him as “President”.

  58. Truly Zambian says:

    no wonder Zambia is in its present state… some random dude rocks up and flashes a document that he could have downloaded from anywhere and he calls it a “manifesto” and everyone gets excited ati he’s the “saviour”.
    doesn’t every politician who’s come and gone, also breeze in with promises and “7-point action plan” dossiers when it’s election time?
    where has this dude been all these years? what developments has he spearheaded in Zambia? now he wants to just ride into town and install himself as sheriff? atase.
    how is he planning to fund all these big ideas he’s proposing? like money will fall from the sky. is he going to do all this by himself?
    sounds like just another silver-tongued, sweet-talking, fly-by-night, snake-oil salesman to me.

  59. Peter says:


  60. HC says:

    why can we invite adedo zamucano chief to visit zambians living in uk ? this man is powerful really

  61. Johnson says:

    great manifesto, it favours zambian citizen first, really this is great, mr. adedo zamucano keep it up to until the is liberation of poverty, hunger, deaths, unemployment, corruption illness is cured, kapika you are great man

  62. Chintu says:

    viva kapika lets show them now

  63. Happy Boy says:

    adedo zaumucano our votes are for you happy in scotland

  64. cgs says:

    Mr. Kapika keep it up, we are behind you, we are the best Vivia Adedo Zamucano ! yes we can

  65. LM says:

    my freind mr. pandawe are a zambian, we are very claerly and open to support adedo

  66. Musungu says:

    mr. pandawe you comments are from the blues, it seems you a lucking sense. are we happy seeing our relatives dying eveyday in zambia ….then to keep quite. what adedo zamucano is doing is the only right way, he is informing the western world that the is theft in our governments, the money from the donnors only ends up into pockets of our leaders, we have to frank to the poeple are are helping us, see what happened last year zambia lost lots billions kwacha for health projects in zambia, mr. pandawe do you think we zambians we happy over this ? adedo zamucano is just showing the manfiesto to the world for human needs in zambia, we have to be open, mr. pandawe stop writting nonses if you are lucking some from you brain vitamains, you are writting as if you a not a zambian or maybe you are a malawian. keep quite

    • Pandawe( non-partisan) says:

      Musungu, I am very Zambian and I will not keep quite sir! Please note that I have not made any personal attack on the leader of this party or his supportters… all i have quetioned is a manifesto that resembels a wish list rather than a serious policy statement. I will make my argurment simple for you : if your wife knows that you earn 1mkw and you start to promise her that you will buy her a car wortth 20 mkw ,send the kids to expensive school and hosipitals, surely she has the right to ask you were the extra income will come from? I totaly agree with you that there is need to address poverty and corruption, but I hope you agree with me that the time when we just accepted what our ‘leaders’ promise us is now past .

  67. Spoof says:

    Is this a spoof? Do tell please otherwise some people might start to think it’s actually serious!

  68. Pandawe says:

    Why is a zambian political manifesto been presented to Dutch officials!!! it is because the Dutch have provision to FUND poilitcal parties in poor countries..FACT.So this party is out with the begging bowl before it even has a sniff of power…is this WISH LIST ( for it is not a serious manifesto)going to be funded by western donors? I think we should be told . We all know that he who pays the piper calls the tune.
    Although some people find it difficult to accept, Zambia is a poor country (so is nigeria and angola who have oil), A far as I am corcerned ,the bedrock of any Zambian political manifesto should be how it is going to create wealth, only then can one talk about how we will distribute it and lift our people out of poverty.

  69. Pandawe says:

    Why is a zambian political manifesto been presented to Dutch officials!!! it is because the Dutch have provision to FUND poilitcal parties in poor countries..FACT.So this party is out with the begging bowl before it even has a sniff of power…is this WISH LIST ( for it is not a serious manifesto)going to be funded by western donors? I think we should be told . We all know that he who pays the piper calls the tune.
    Although some people find it difficult to accept, Zambia is a poor country (so is nigeria and angola who have oil), A far as I am corcerned ,the bedrock of any Zambian political manifesto should be how it is going to create wealth, only then can one talk about how we will distribute it and lift our people out of poverty.

  70. Kennedy says:


  71. Alexxy says:

    ba kapika you are a great brave man, see you have come out alone and inform the zambian people that still the is hope, and the only solution is for a better government for the people to the people, your 17 points agenda is too great, we needs a hard work to score the votes then we be liberated from thugs, lets vote for adedo zamucano people …….

  72. Andrew says:

    kapika kick this criminals out from the government for save our people and the nation, adedo we are behind you , andrew canada

  73. Puta says:

    yes adedo zamucano we need a better government, we are people like the same satans who have beens stealing our national funds, this are satans and the called themselves to be christains, please people of zambia let us organised our selfs and vote for adedo zamucano. Puta

  74. Justine says:

    Really it a wonderful, this time my vote wont be a private one, i will vote for adedo zamucano political party, we needs our mines to be nationalised, mines must belong to over government as before and a result this will improve employment around the nations, it will be also great that hospital and drugs shall be free, this is what we need for our government, you see piper and linda the government means citizens protection first, the 17 points agenda for adedo zamucano is the best, and the president of adedo zamucano looks very serious, he looks to be a man of wisdom, if you read in this manifesto over judicial it is very clear that mr. brown kapika belives in equal justice, in his government i dont think the shall crimes, adedo is talking over transparent of justice in our nation and this will stop corruption, viva aded zamucano and long ba kapika brown,

  75. Piper says:

    You Zambians are clearly sad people, It is clearly no wonder you have not developed. This guy comes up with a Xmas wish list for Santa & you are there without question applauding?

    Well here is my agenda for my new party called “What A Bunch Of Losers In Zambia & Freedom HellCrap Foundation For Imagined Democracy My Holy Fat A.S.S”.

    What A Bunch Of Losers In Zambia & Freedom HellCrap Foundation For Imagined Democracy My Holy Fat A.S.S Government shall build a rocket and transport all Zambians To The Moon!

    Now let’s go vote people!!!

  76. Linda A says:

    Applaudable aspirations sir. The natural resourses of Zambia should be utilised by the Zambian Government to the fullest extent. It is terrible that there are so many mines owned by foreign companies. Nationalising what mines they have left will provide the government with a sound investment for the future of Zambia. I hope that the government will spend wisely and invest in their health services, education and improving the quality of life for the people. It is a beautiful country rich in culture and resources. Utilise these assets to the fullest. Encourage tourists to tavel not just from a National angle but from an International one. Much could be done to improve the tourism industry in Zambia, but the investment would bring much needed work and wealth, that would surely be worth it in the long run.

    • Pandawe ( non-partisan) says:

      Linda , I applaud your sentiment, but iam afraid nationalisation is not the answer, a good tax policy is, the Zambian goverment does not have the resources for the capital investment required to arquire and run the mines profitably. In the chiluba era, the IMF and World bank demanded privatisation of the mines as a a preserquitive for budgetary support. Like you , I would like to see goverment investment in health and education, but surely we can not allow parties to just say they are going to build a 1000 schools…we are entititled to ask how much it will cost, cost of teachers , educational materials etc etc, and were the money is comming from, what percentage of the national budget…

  77. Pandawe (non-partisan) says:

    Correction. last line should read: remember why our goverment was forced to sell the MINES in the first place. Thanks.

  78. Pandawe- (non partisan) says:

    Pie in the sky stuff, any fool can promise the world ,the devil is in the deatail.. how does this party propose to pay for all this excess when most of our budget is donor funded? i.e how can social security be funded from our small tax base(less than 5000,000 in formal emplyment). nationalising the mines will be a retrogressive
    step and non of our donors will stand for it.. remember why our goverment at the time was ‘forced’ in the first place. in short , a manifesto should tell me HOW it si going to create worth , not how it is going to SPEND non-existent worth!

  79. EKC says:

    old people with spoiled brains never distroyed your votes, for better vote for adedo zamucano

  80. Linda says:

    i am a zambian girl aged 8 years old born and live in uk, after reading the 17 points adenda for adedo zamucano, i do have hope for young children futures in zambia, i do have have to go back to zambia, i do have hope of better free medicare care and education, hope of no more deaths in zambia, old people of zambia you have to think better for you spoiled life and for you childern, i am appealing to all normal zambians to vote in this year election for mr. brown kapika / adedo zamucano political party,…let come together on this issues, linda

  81. Judith says:

    It is high time to decide for our national future and repairing damages, let us throw our weights and support adedo zamucano movenment

  82. Ted says:

    Great Manifesto, we support Adedo-Zamucano Political Party, Zambian Eastern Europe, Kapika push the Govt. out

  83. JMW says:

    great adedo zamucano political party, may GOD bless this youngman

  84. C. C says:

    viva kapika brown, viva adedo zamucano, great man with heavy agenda for liberation of the people of zambia, we have to vote for adedo zamucano for a future of our nation…charles

  85. Timmy says:

    i went through this great manifesto the all night here in canada, it imust be the best so far manifesto in the world, in short is too graet for the people of zambia, people of zambia i am asking you to think twice and support, and vote for a Red Card Symbol for Adedo Zamucano. i am also requesting president Brown Kapika to keep it up until winning the elections, we are for Adedo Zamucano, yes we can!

  86. C. Mumba says:

    Viva Adedo Zamucano, we are behind you, CBU

  87. Mulenga34 says:

    Great Manifesto, Adedo Zamucano ba Kapika we are prayimg for you to kick this guys out from the govt. may GOD be with you and your party

  88. Prof. M. Chulu says:

    great adedo zamucano is a party for ever, we are for you sir, i salute a manifesto for the adedo zamucano, mike usa/zambia

  89. Piped says:


  90. Geo Geo Lungu says:

    it takes centuaries to have a leader of the people, now the true leader has come, this is a man of the people, ba kapika we love you keep it up.

  91. Dickson says:

    God bless this man ba Kapika, is here for Us in Zambia after 20years in Exile, is a real Freedom Fighter, he fighting for a better Zambia, let Us pray for him.Amen

  92. Henry Simukuni says:

    we are the champions for adedo zamucano, zambian living in german, henry

  93. Jimmy says:

    Our Lord give Mr. Kapika more strengthen for the Work is preparing for the Poor People of Zambia

  94. Rossy says:

    yes we can!

  95. Bupe says:

    Ba tata kapika keep it up, we are suffering in zambia because if too much theft in the government

  96. Musonda Susan says:

    Viva Mufulira BOYX…… for a Red Card – Adedo Zamucano for the better

  97. Sandy S says:

    Mr. Adedo Zamucan we are behind you, yes we can and we shall overcome

  98. Chola Mwamba says:

    man keep it up,USA/ZAMBIA

  99. Sally says:

    Man we need brilliant brave tough and serious leaders like you, keep up

  100. Kulu Sam says:

    President Kapika you are a man of people and a great man of Zambia, Please save Us from this crooks, we are suffering and dying too much in Zambia bse of corrupted leaders.