Zambia:Kalusha’s FAZ endorsed

FAZ councillors that met in Kabwe saturday have ratified the co-opting of new FAZ Executive committee members into the Kalusha Bwalya led executive.

Kalusha Bwalya

The affiliates and clubs, who numbered 498 delegates, have also backed the Kalusha Bwalya led executive committee.

And FAZ President KALUSHA BWALYA says it is sad that some people are trying to take over the running of football in the country, using what he termed as propaganda of lies, for their personal gain.

Speaking when he addressed FAZ councillors in Kabwe saturday BWALYA said the petitioners of his executive have no interest in football and want to use back doors to get into the Association.

And FIFA Director of Member Associations PRIVO CORVARO said FIFA will NOT recognize the parallel interim committee elected by the FAZ petitioners saturday.

CORVARO said this is because the petitioners DID not properly follow the laid down procedures in convening their meeting.

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2 responses to “Zambia:Kalusha’s FAZ endorsed”

  1. Muleya H says:

    I am not sure whether Kalu is right or not.But I am sure that the leaders of the petition are selfish and were just trying to serve their interest.If these people were genuine they should have met FAZ on 20th November to come up with one meeting.They were too desparate to even ignore the FAZ constitution which they are claiming to be defending.The the artical on ECM states that two third of the members shall request and not that they shall convene an ECM.The procedure according to the constitution is to go through the general secretary.
    The constitution does not provide for a self desolution of the executive.
    For now it is better to continue with Kalu until such a time genuine administrators will emerge.And Simata should shut up!What has Kalu done to him.Simata forced Kalu to resign as national team technical director,now he wants him to leave FAZ.What a selfish man Simata is!

  2. Paulzulu says:

    Always better to be on the side of truth.The good is always that side.

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