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It’s Friday, you know what that means! Entertainment, entertainment, and today, UKZAMBIANS interviews Zambia’s very own sensational film producer Hans Kuzanga who is currently based in South Africa.

Kuzanga told UKZAMBIANS that he has produced a Movie titled “Hindrance” which is due to be released in September this year depending on which distributor or Cinema gets it first.

The Movie is shot in Cape Town, South Africa, has a Hollywood standard and it is for a general audience because there is a great entertainment aspect to it.

“It’s definitely a must see movie, this is one of the first movies in Africa with a Hollywood standard. It has a mixture of the matrix, Wolverine and also a lot of suspense and drama, you can’t afford to miss,” He said.

Kuzanga who plays the led role as Hindrance says, the movie is about a battle for a soul in divine realm, where a girl loses her mother and tries to find peace.

“Hindrance fights for her destruction, eventually an angel comes to her rescue and that’s when the battle begins,” He explained.

The prominent characters in this movie are two girls, an angel and an agent from the dark side.

Kuzanga as Hansk Media worked with a full crew, Justine Govendar from Inlitestudio wrote and directed the movie while Sabestian Govendar did the special effects plus a sound and light crew.




The prominent characters in this movie are two girls, an angel and an agent from the dark side.

“I did the fight choreography because of my martial arts background, I also did the camera work when not on set. I did locations and castings as well,” Kuzanga said.
He hopes to air the movie in Africa, Europe and America depending on the support of the viewers.

“The movie has been promoted through Internet, Face Book, You Tube, word of mouth and Posters. We only have local celebrities like me and Lauren Josh who is at professional acting School in Cape Town,’’ Kuzanga said.

During the filming of the movie, it was not all roses as they were a few hiccups mainly location availability, actors not showing up, it has also taken about six months on and off, do recast a lot and lack of resources.  

Now everyone must be asking who Hans Kuzanga really is, well the man was born on December 14, 1975 in Mufulira, Zambia. He lived in Lusaka until the age of 17, moved to USA in 1994 and did further studies at Pensacola, Florida.

Kuzanga, also known as Hansk, has directed and produced three films and a lot of documentaries.

About seven years ago, he started his acting career as an extra and did stunt work on a TV series Sheena which was on TV Africa for a while, then started his own Media Company called Hansk Media.

His greatest work is the “Parable of the Sower” which was also shot in Johannesburg, South Africa even though it has not been released yet. It has been showcased but not distributed.

Kuzanga’s next project is a romance/drama called “King of Sorrow” inspired by a song sung by SADE, and would love to work with Steven Spielberg and John Woo in future.
“Iam a passion driven person. It’s known that passion precedes remuneration, so I focus on enjoying what I do instead of the outcome,” He said.

Kuzanga was actually inspired by his mother to go into the entertainment industry and did modeling, then dance but after picking up his camera he got hooked and started making movies and documentaries.

He has done most of the editing and camera works on his projects.

And guess what, apart from being, a producer, director and actor, he also wants to become the President of Zambia one day, interesting hey, the man is very ambitious!

That’s it from Zed Entertainment folks!

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