Zambia: Constitution should not discriminate aganist any Zambian – Professor Chirwa

Professor Chirwa – Photo Uncle Ronnie

Professor Chirwa has written to the NCC that the Zambian constitution should not discriminate against any Zambian and the article that’s slaps the 10 year residency requirement should be deleted.

Professor Chirwa says that the discriminative inclusion of this Article in the draft Constitution is meant for nobody else but him.

In an e-mail to the NCC and copied to UKZAMBIANS, he said:

“Reading between the lines, I can see the signature of some quarters that have been adamant at all cost to stop me becoming the President of The Republic of Zambia by slapping a 10 year residency requirement.

“As a result it is flawed and hinders not only me, but many people who can truly contribute to Zambia. Some of these are Diplomats, Students, Seconded personnel/employees, those working abroad and many more who cannot accumulate the 10 year tenure of residency”.

Professor Chirwa has also joined calls of many Zambians to have the degree clause that bars any Zambian without a degree to be disqualified from contesting the Zambian Presidency.

He said:

“The reasons are that Zambia has an extremely small educated population. Therefore to ask leaders of the future to have degree qualifications while the government does not provide adequate education for the majority is not only being too elitist but very undemocratic and against human rights”.

Zambians have been given 40 days to provide comments on an initial draft constitution which was launched to public last  Tuesday by a body constituted to come up with the country’s new constitution. Consultation days are from Tuesday June 22 to Monday August. 1, 2010.

You can download the full letter of Professor Chirwa here.

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