Zambian Music Scene 2000 – 2009

 Chisha Folotiya

Chisha Folotiya was the founder of Mondo Music Records, a label that has been central to the revival of the Zambian popular music industry in the.  The 90s were a very slow time in Zambian music, in part because Teal Records closed its vinyl pressing plant in Ndola in the early 90s, and endemic cassette piracy discouraged new players from coming in to fill the void.  Mondo Music changed the dynamic by offering a new generation of music, more tuned in to international trends like R&B, dancehall, ragamuffin, and rap which we have enjoyed in the last decade.

The young JK brought new forms of music Zambians started to appreciate

He brought us the likes Jordan Katebula , K’millian and Danny who should bealso recognied for the huge impact they brough on the Zambian music scene during the last 10 years

Danny – produced big hits, Zambians started loving Zambian Music again


Sondis Promotion has made it possible for Zambians in the UK to enjoy music from Zambian artist visiting the UK.


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