Miss Universe Zambia ?dethrones? Andella

By Kelvin Kachingwe


Stripped Andella Chileshe Matthews

THE franchise holders for the Miss Universe Zambia have stripped Andella Chileshe Matthews of her title and instead appointed first princess Sthabiso Mteliso to take the reigns, assume the responsibilities and duties that go with it.

In a statement made available to Times Entertainment by Miss Universe Zambia national director Wendy Chanda-Fornari, the move has been done to prevent further reputation damage to the sponsors, the Miss Universe Zambia and the Miss Universe Organisation.

The move comes barely a month after Andella’s mother, Sandra Chileshe issued a media statement saying she and her daughter had suffered at the hands of the local organisers in the quest to have her represent Zambia at the global pageant in the Bahamas.

One of the complaints was that Andella had used more than 3, 000 Pounds of her own money without ever getting any refund from the organisers.

When Wendy was contacted for a comment immediately after, she said: “nothing I’ll say will change the perspective of some people. I’m guilty until proven innocent.”

However, in her latest statement, she says the Miss Universe Pageant places great emphasis on behaviour and co-ordination of its participants and for that reason, she as the exclusive national director and franchise holder for the pageant, has officially dethroned Andella of the title with effect from August 23,2009.

“Andella is hereby instructed to immediately cease all reference to herself as Miss Universe Zambia 2009 and any further use of the title including, but not limited to social networking sites such as facebook, myspace, web sites, giving press interviews is hereby prohibited.

“In short Andella may no longer use the title of Miss Universe Zambia in any way, shape or form, any existing post on the internet referring to her or using the word “Miss universe Zambia” or any variation and or photos of Miss Universe should also be removed from her Face book page and any other social networking sites within 72 hours.

“Any persons wishing to use Andella under the names of Miss Universe Zambia 2009, will do it at their own risk.

We hope this will somehow answer questions that people have had during this period but should anyone want to ask further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Miss Universe Zambia Organisation,” the statement reads in part.

Wendy says while the Miss Universe Zambia has in the past sent a country representative to the global pageant with great pleasure and honour, it has regrettably not turned out as expected with Andella.

Her behaviour in the last few weeks, she says has amounted to gross insubordination, not to mention the unwarranted interference from her family and close relatives who have continued to circulate malicious and false innuendos, which are unacceptable.

“Wearing the title of Miss Universe Zambia is a significant responsibility and impacts not only the title holder but the organisation, the country and indeed the Miss Universe Organisation in New York.

For this reason we expect a certain level of conduct from all our title-holders so as not to tarnish the brand and image of the organisation.

“On August 9, Andella’s mother decided to send a letter to the Zambian public addressing them with a letter that reads: “why did my daughter suffer to represent Zambia.” I’ve considered the circumstances of the above and have come to the conclusion that the above is totally unacceptable behavior and feel that our professional working relationship has been irrevocably damaged by this unfortunate series of events, and therefore any future objective can no longer be realised with Andella Chileshe-Matthews as the title holder,” she says.

Andella’s mother, Sandra said that her daughter would be ready to comment later this week.

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