600 girls drop out of school due to pregnancies and early marriage..

ImageAbout 600 girls are said to have dropped out of school in Choma district last year due to pregnancies and early marriage.

District education board secretary, DEBS, Anna Masilani said the number of girls dropping out of school is worrying.

Ms. Masilani said the highest number of drop-outs has been recorded in Kasiya area of chief Hamaundu and in chief Mapanza’s area.

She said investigations conducted by her office show that the girls were leaving school mainly due to early pregnancy. {sidebar id=1}

Ms. Masilani said this at a meeting convened by the ministry of education for chiefs, village headpersons and heads of government departments.

The meeting was held at Batoka basic school in Choma.

Ms. Masilani said the ministry is encouraging rural schools to have weekly boarding facilities for girls to reduce the risk of sexual abuse.

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