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LATEST ConCourt hearing adjourned to Monday next week

The inter-party hearing in the petition in which the declaration of President Edgar Lungu as winner of the presidential election has been challenged has been adjourned to Monday. Today the Court dismissed an application by Constitutional Court Registrar Kelvin Limbani that there is no space to keep election materials following the request made to the court by the UPND to have all presidential ele...

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Events in Zambia LAZ told to be objective

Events in Zambia Zambia Main Opposition Welcomes Calls for ICC Inquiry Into P

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LATEST ConCourt throws out 53 of UPND Petition

The Constitutional Court has thrown 53 of the 80 grounds of the case following preliminary motion raised by President Edgar Lungu’s lawyers on Wednesday, that requested that the grounds of the Petition were irregular and were outside the Jurisdiction pursuant to the provisions of Article 128 and Act no 8 of the 2016 Constitutional. The lawyers also demanded that the Petition be dismissed as it ...

Events in Zambia Give them their parliament but we will control the banks

Events in Zambia UPND welcomes the move by a law firm report GBM and HH to th

Africa Zimbabwe judge OKs protest by opposition parties

LATEST President Lungu Snubs HH

Zambia's ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party says President Edgar Lungu will not meet with main opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema from the United Party for National Development (UPND). Hichilema called for a meeting between the two to resolve "pertinent" national issues, including the ongoing violence in the country following the August 11 general election and referendum. The opposition leader a...