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LATEST German envoy guides Zambia on Public Order Act

German Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke has observed that in a democracy, legislation such as the Public Order Act is not supposed to restrict freedom of expression. Mr. Finke believes the opposition political parties and civil society organizations are supposed to be free to express their opinion on issues. He has told Qfm News that it is for this reason that he has had open dialogue with t...

Columnists Is Eva Fundafunda tormented by her own Government?

LATEST Coalition will not support piecemeal constitution amendments

Civil Society Constitution Coalition says it will not support government’s position to amend the constitution in piecemeal. Coalition Chairperson Judith Mulenga says it is unfortunate that government has decided to go its way and ignore advice from stakeholders. Ms. Mulenga says the civil society will not allow the rights of Zambians to be overlooked by sidelining their submissions. S...

LATEST 50% plus 1, presidential running mate to be tabled in June

Justice Deputy Minister Keith Mukata has disclosed that the 50% plus one vote and the presidential running mate are some of the clauses government will take to parliament for amendment when the house resumes sitting next month. Mr Mukata adds that government will also table the clause on having a fixed general election date among other clauses which do not need to be subjected to a referend...

LATEST Lungu urges corporate world to enhance dialogue with Govt

World UK's Cameron to give police power to seize wages of illegal


DAILY Nation reporter, Wallen Simwaka, was yesterday arrested and placed in the cells by Kabwata police following a fracas as police clashed with journalists when UPND president Hakainde Hichilema arrived at Kabwata police station where he had been summoned. Mr Simwaka was first denied entry into the police station despite arriving at 09:30 hours and was ordered to wait for Mr Hichilema about 5...

Business Embrace hire purchase of vehicles, Yeti Motors advises Zambi

YETI Motors Limited, the dealers of Hyundai motor vehicles, says a new car is no longer a luxury, urging Zambians to embrace the hire purchase arrangement the company has introduced. Hyundai dealer principal, Solomon Kimme said the hire purchase arrangement would give Zambians the best opportunity to own brand new vehicles. In an interview, Kimme also said Yeti Motors Limited was working on ...

LATEST University of Zambia: Crisis of Problems

LATEST Lungu cautions new aide

STATEMENTS, Press Releases, STATEMENTS ZRST calls for a New Transport Policy

***PRESS RELEASE** Lusaka, Zambia - Wednesday, 6th May, 2015. The Zambian Road Safety Trust (ZRST) has mourned eight people who died in a head-on collision on Sunday, 3rd May 2015. A journalist from PRIME TV, Mr. Muunga Hansingo, his wife, daughter, and four other family members were pronounced dead at the scene and have been buried today (Wednesday, 6th May 2015) in the same mass grave. Chairm...

Business, LATEST, STATEMENTS, Press Releases Nyamuka Zambia Application Period Ends