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Health A Cure for AIDS: Scientists Say It’s ‘On the Horizon’

Paul Volberding is a UCSF oncologist who treated San Francisco’s first HIV patients in the early 1980s. “The patients were, in many cases, blind and demented and had cancer and had infections in their brains causing pressure and headaches,” says Volberding. “People now can’t imagine it, it was so bad.” Volberding says for years, HIV infection was a rapid death sentence. But in the 35 y...

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Africa Boko Haram destroys Nigerian military base; 107 troops MIA

Events in Zambia, in Zambia ‘Zambeef 2015 performance impressive’

ZAMBEEF Products Plc has had an excellent performance for 2015 with profits increasing by over 100 percent in dollar and Kwacha terms, according to the company’s abridged statement. Zambeef’s gross profit increased from K496,747 last year to K666,713 as at September 30, this year. Zambeef also recorded an increase in operating profit from about K56,000 posted last year to K162,000 in the perio...

LATEST ‘I’ve no erection in extra marital affairs’

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